Jazzy is a triple threat, working as a

1. Creative Brand Strategist for creatives and small businesses

2. Digital Marketing Consultant rooted in UX/UI Design

3. Virtual Reality filmmaker who shoots, writes, edits, and produces immersive stories.

Born the middle of three girls to a Jamaican mother and Black and Native father in South Central Los Angeles, Jazzy prides herself on intentional and original content creation and output that empowers frequently misrepresented communities. She earned her BA from Cornell University where she studied Socio-cultural Anthropology, Africana Studies, and Global Health with a collective focus on urban community development. Jazzy aspires to use the intersections of technology, art, multimedia forms, and education to amplify the voices of those often unheard and unseen. With a deep understanding of how people are linked across all channels, Jazzy strives to channel authentic lived experiences through storytelling.

 Jazzy founded Thatmiddlechild Productions as a creative platform to celebrate the lives of  silenced communities and make new media more accessible. Thatmiddlechild Productions authentically commemorates and documents the realities of these communities through personal narrative, textured sound, and portraiture. Using a “for the people, by the people” approach, its mission is to disrupt and serve as a catalyst to connect, motivate, and inspire through immersive storytelling that is not easily forgotten.